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The concept of expressing love with the help of flowers is as old as the
concept of love itself, from the ancient times of Rome to all times and
cultures, flowers have been exchanged among lovers to express their
feelings of love and affection. Their usage in modern times have also
increased rapidly and exponent, as now people have less time and even
lesser words to say, so flowers become the ideal method to express one’s
true feelings.
However there is a huge collection of flower bouquets which can be used
to express the feelings of love, so finding and selecting the perfect one
may be a bit tough from the layman, in the following section I will try to
list some of my most expressive flower bouquets;

Red Color Long Stem Rosses
In this arrangement, Rosses of red color are tied together with their long
stems, this single color nature of this bouquet represents only one feeling
universally and that is the feeling of love. Also this type of bouquet is
suitable for any age group too. 12 dark red Rosses have the same
meaning internationally.
Pink Shaded Rosses
In this setting, the bouquet consists of many shades of pink rose flowers,
just like the previous mentioned bouquet, this bouquet also represents
many feeling and is suitable for many age groups, however it is more
suitable for female receivers. Mostly this bouquet is presented at the start
of a relationship.
Chocolate Dip Delight
More than just a eating treat, this unique and trending bouquet serves two
purposes, first it serves as a unique styled love expressing bouquet and
secondly a lovely dish of chocolate dipped strawberries. So ideal for the
folks who love chocolate and strawberries, but then who doesn’t.

Rainbow Rose Bouquets
Straight out from the pages of a science fiction books, these rainbow color
flowers are especially cultivated to have rainbow like colors, also their
textures is very unique too, so if you are expressing your love to someone
special then this type of bouquet is the ideal option, but be advised that this
type of flowers are bit hard to find and your best bet is to find them from
an online flower shop.

The above are some of the ideas to use flowers to express love and
affectionate feeling. Expressing your feeling of love through and with the
help of flowers is the most natural and sensitive feeling. If you have
trouble finding these floral arrangements in your local floral shop than all
you have to do is an online search and I’m sure you will certainly came
up with a good site which will have all or most of the options stated below.
Also if you want to share your own congratulation bouquet ideas then do
share with me and my fellow readers in the comments section below, we
would all love to hear from you.

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