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The Violet is one of my favorite flowers due to its unique ability to bring
smile on faces. The best place to buy or gift flower is the online floral
shops, due to the fact that it is very rare and only flower for three months.
The name "Violet" basically originates from its Latin name that is "Viola".
This spring season flower can be easily identified by its unique and
beautiful heart-shaped leaves and asymmetrical flowers. This flower has
approximately 500 unique species. Violets only flower from the mid of
March to end of June. As perthe name suggests, most violets are bluish
purple, yet several other colors of this flower including pink, yellow, white
and cream can also be seen. Bi-colored violets can also be found.

In the following paras I will narrate some more interesting facts about
the violet flowers.

Violets as Food and Medicine
Some small animals like rabbits love to eat entire violets. Also Mice,
mourning doves, wild turkeys and ruffed grouse eat its seeds. Also moth
and butterfly larvae eat violets too.
The early Greeks first started to grow them around 400 - 600 BC in
nurseries in Attica, just outside Athens. They were harvested to make
wine and some herbal remedies. It was also used to sweeten food. Some
used them to prevent headaches and vertigo by wearing woven chains of
violets. As the Greeks thought that violets represented love and fertility,
they also used to made love potions.
The leaves and the flower too is commonly in eaten as salads by humans.
It is also used in production of butters, jellies and flavored vinegars.
Violets are also used to enhance desserts and drinks. They can be very
useful in creating perfumes, dyes and even medicines.

From the Early Greeks to Now
During the course of the history, the Greeks and even other societies
grew and garnered violets for their numerous uses. Lastly, in the 18th
century, cultivators in France refined wild violets. With prodigious
attention, they carefully chosen several plant lives and crossed them. The
outcomes were called the "Quatresaisons". This also includes the
enormously famous Russian violet of the late 19th century; these plants
backed much to the violets we produce today.

The "Mysterious" Scent of Violets

Another fascinating fact about violets is that you just cannotrepetitively
smell them. The minute you get anaroma, anelement in the scent numbs
the receptors in your nose for more than a few minutes. For the period of
that time, your sense of smell will be out-of-order, so you will not be able
to smell anything at all.

Miscellaneous Facts
The violet is also the flower American states of Illinois, Rhode Island and
Wisconsin. As the Violets symbolize "modesty", so the term that refers to
a young woman as being "a shrinking violet".

If you gift someone a blue violet, it commonly means that you will always
be faithful and true to them. If you want to suggest to someone that the
two of you should take a chance in love then gift them Violets. Do you
want to or already have expressed your feelings with the help of violets?
Let us know in the comments section below.

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